You really don’t want your social media manager to be just figuring it out along the way

You know social media can be a valuable tool for your business — you just haven’t found the time to prioritize it. But then it hits you.

“I’ll just get an intern to help!” After all, it’s a cheap solution and those college kids know everything about that social media thing. It sounds plausible, and yet, it could be one of the worst mistakes you make for your business.

Consider this: after a Google search, social media is often the very next place potential customers, investors and employees look before deciding to work with you.

An effective social media strategy earns you the attention of industry influencers, drives interested visitors back to your website and increases conversions. But an ineffective social media strategy will make your company look uneducated, impersonal or unhelpful. Poorly managed social media channels irritate customers, make employees second-guess their affiliation with your company and get people talking about you for all the wrong reasons.

In short, your social media presence is a digital window into your company and its operations. That’s a lot of responsibility for an intern who A) doesn’t have the experience to manage social media for a business and B) doesn’t know nearly enough about your business to represent you authentically online.

A good social media manager is not just someone who owns a smartphone and happens to enjoy social media in their personal life. Just because you watch TV doesn’t mean you can produce television ad campaigns, and the same is true for social media.

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