Social Media Audit:

How are you looking to a potential customer on social media right now?  We review your content, brand consistency, engagement, activity, ideal customers, competitors and statistics to create a plan to help you map out your next steps.

We include a questionnaire and a report with a list of recommendations for you to start putting in place right away.

Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Includes a full  social media audit (above)  AND a deeper dive into your future direction.  We build a picture of your business right now along with your goals, and tactics on how to manage your social media presence to achieve them.

We develop a custom strategy tailored specifically to your business, industry and needs. .

Your WordPress Website:

We can help you freshen it up, understand how to better optimize it and make sure it continues to perform at its best to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward online.


Social Media Training:

We train you and your team on how to plan, execute, and manage your own social media in-house, including content creation and curation, content planning, proper engagement and interaction techniques, and platform best practices.

Email Marketing:

With email marketing you can attract and retain customers with personalized messages that promote your content, brand, and product. It’s the glue that holds your digital strategy together.

We can help you set up your email automation and campaigns from start to finish. 

Email marketing has a 38% ROI. Enough said.

ClickFunnels Marketing

ClickFunnels is an online sales funnel builder that helps your business market, sell, and deliver your products online. This tool simplifies online marketing, selling, and delivery of your products and services by providing funnel options for a specific business, product, or service.


Social Media Management:

As a business owner, your time is precious. With all you have on your plate, it’s not always your top priority to consistently post on all your social media platforms enough to make an impact with your audience. Without social media, you’re not leveraging potential opportunities for growth. 

We act as your brand, posting, engaging and building your social media presence for you.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising:

Facebook and Instagram platform advertising offer very precise targeted marketing based on demographic interests and user behavior. With the Facebook pixel technology, you can also target people who have visited your website, create custom audiences and track conversions.

We strategize, setup, target, monitor and manage your Facebook and Instagram Ads for you. Ads reach beyond your local boundaries. The question is, why WOULDN’T you use Facebook and Instagram Ads?


Social Media Marketing has become an important part of every company’s overall advertising strategy.  But it’s not magic, it takes time and hard work to see results. Having an effective strategy is the bedrock for leveraging the power of social media for your brand.

  • 97% of all consumers search for local businesses online
  • 93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media
  • 82% of customers trust a company more if they are involved with social media

Unlike most offline marketing efforts, social media marketing allows you to see accurate results in real time. If you’ve ever put an ad in a newspaper or magazine, you’ll know how difficult it is to estimate how many people actually flipped to that page and paid attention to your ad. There’s no surefire way to know if that ad was responsible for any sales at all.  On the other hand, with social media marketing, you can measure the ROI of pretty much any aspect of your marketing efforts.


We can help you connect and resonate with your followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever your audience may be.

Whether you’re looking to learn more on how to manage your own social media marketing in-house, get training for your staff or team, help with measuring your social media performance, or increase your engagement, one of my services will help you get there!

We recommend starting with a Social Media Audit and then working with us to develop a custom Integrated Marketing Strategy.

Let’s schedule a call and see how we can help you achieve your social media goals.


We simplify Social Media Marketing for you. We believe that online marketing should be easy to understand and implement so you can do what YOU are good at, growing your business! We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. We care about your business and want you to succeed!

We work with you the way you need us to. When it comes online marketing, one size does NOT fit all. We design individual customized marketing planning and training based on your particular business goals. You can easily add, remove, increase or decrease services as your business needs change.

Our marketing education and corporate experience enhances our expertise. We have access to updated information and invest our time and resources to ensure we stay up to date with the latest developments in the field and constantly evolve to stay at the forefront of technology. Our supportive professional community is the best!

I knew my franchise needed an active presence on social media but didn’t have the time to pursue it.  Jo Ann met with me and explained all the options available.  It’s been great partnering with her.  She updated and maintained my social media sites, wrote my website blog posts and created my Facebook Ads. Jo Ann made great suggestions and exceeded my expectations.  I could not be more grateful for her help and recommend her to anyone looking to grow and manage their online presence.
Tom Bitz

Owner, Made the Shade Blinds and More