Jason Squires has put together a thoughtful list of 10 Reasons Why Small Business Can’t Ignore Social Media. It provides all the evidence any small business needs if they were still curious whether or not to take the dive. I’d narrow all of these down to two very specific reasons, though:

  1. Your colleagues, prospects and customers are there right now. Are you there when they need help? Are you there advising them on their next sale?
  2. Your competition may not be there! Many people use this as an excuse… no one in our industry is on social media. Wow… what an awesome opportunity for you to plant your flag in the ground! What are you waiting for? Your competition to start?

Exposure, recognition, loyalty… these are all triggers for overcoming trust issues. Putting your personality and your people in front of your company instead of hiding behind your brand makes you vulnerable. That sounds like it’s bad, but it’s not. People want to work with people – not logos!

See full article at https://martech.zone/10-reasons-smb-social-media/